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With a 60 card deck comprising a standard deck plus 4 Wizards (high) and 4 Jesters (low). In the first hand 1 card is dealt to each player. In the second 2 and so on. The game is over after the hand in which all cards are dealt.
Trumps are determined by randomly showing a card from the rest of undealt pack, if the card is a Jester, NoTrump is played in the current round. If it is a wizard, the last player to bid gets to choose the trump, or choose to play NoTrump.

After examining your cards you state the number of tricks you will win. Each round each player puts down one card. The first Wizard played wins the trick, followed by the highest trump card, followed by the highest card in the suit of the first card played.

You get 20 points for correctly predicting how many tricks you will win, plus 10 points for each trick won. You lose 10 points for each trick over or under the amount you predicted.

The game has plenty of luck inherent into it, especially at first (the first few rounds). Later rounds have very little luck, and because scoring increases over time (more cards are being dealt, so bids are higher), the overall game is a very skillful game.

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