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Escape the grind and fire up your logical brain with Rush Hour, the Award-Winning Puzzle Game!

Do you love puzzles? Want the option to play for five minutes or for hours if you want? Voted one of the top 25 toys of the past 25 years by Parent's Choice Magazine, it's no wonder Rush Hour is one of our best selling puzzle games! People love this one-person mind game because it's fun, engaging and provides no shortage of difficulty as you work your way through over 40 challenge cards.

To start the fun, players set up their car and truck pieces on a game grid in a pattern determined by their challenge card. The aim of the game is to clear a path for the one red car to exit the grid. Blocking vehicles can slide backwards and forwards, meaning players must study the grid to find the logical next move. Rush Hour is a fantastic brain-teaser mind game to keep you focused and entertained. 

Imagine long car rides without the sound of the kids complaining of boredom as they wrestle with the Rush Hour puzzles? Join the fun and buy Rush Hour in our online store and get your logical brain ticking!

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