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Based on the popular game concept of Werewolf and Mafia, Rumplestiltskin offers a re-imagined take with our Fairytale Games theme. Set as a party game best played with 6+ players, we've expanded upon the core mechanics and offer character traits, abilities, and spells you may use as either Rumplestiltskin, his clones or the villagers of Nottingham. You will play as well-known characters such as the Little Mermaid, Red Riding Hood, Briar Rose, Mad Hatter and more!

We, on the other hand have our twisted version called “Rumplestiltskin”. In this storyline, Rumplestilskin and his fellow imp have shapeshifted themselves into fairytale land. At night, they go out and murder random characters in order to use their life essence to make him even more powerful. The fairytale characters have gotten word about this and are working together to snuff him out and have him (and his imps) burn alive at the stake. But who can we really trust?

This is a group party game that’s about survival and wits. The Magic Mirror (the moderator) divides players into two secret teams – Team Rumplestiltskin (The two imps) and the Fairytale Characters. Team Rumplestilskin’s goal is to kill all of the victims before being discovered. The Fairytale Characters’ goal is to identify who is on Team Rumplestiltskin and vote to burn them alive.

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