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292 BC, the Colossus symbolizes the wealth of the Greek island Rhodes. Egyptian ships arrive in the harbor with gold. Greek farmers produce goods on their lands. To expand and develop, they need income, so they set sail to the harbor with goods from their lands. It is uncertain what the earnings for the olives, grapes, grain and goat milk will be this time...

Rhodes is a (light) expert game with high interaction, several tactical & strategic options, and a unique dynamic market system triggered by ships sailing into the harbor, which automatically adjusts the prices for the goods offered at the harbor. The players collectively have control in this. Will you sell your goods, or will your fresh products end up in your storage to be used in future rounds? Smart merchants profit from opportunities in the market — but this also creates new opportunities for the farmers who receive income when other players buy their goods.

Interaction in markets, production, and player sequence providing interesting dilemmas for the players. Some farmers expand their lands with the earnings. Others develop smart skills to bypass the markets or to get victory points in different ways. It is also possible to create a monopoly or at least a scarcity of goods. Indeed this game has some very interesting market elements, but players who follow a one-sided strategy have little chance of being victorious.

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