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bySchilMil Games

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In the cooking-themed card game Raid the Pantry, for 2-4 individuals or two teams of two, players are dealt ingredient and dish cards at the start of play; over the course of the game, players need to collect the ingredients needed to make the dishes in hand. Each completed dish scores you 1-3 points, locks in its ingredients for reuse in other dishes, and allows you to take a new dish card. Action cards, drawn at the beginning of a turn, provide ways to add, lose, trade and retrieve ingredient cards. The eight "Instant Dishes" among the action cards allow players to lock in a common ingredient and score 1 point. Players can score a "cuisine bonus" for making multiple dishes from one of the five primary cuisines featured on dish cards (American, Continental, French, Italian and Mexican). The first player to reach a point threshold, which depends on the number of players, wins. In the team version, players end the round and total their points when the Action card deck has been exhausted.

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