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Power Grid is a game with a lot going on, you have to keep track of your cash so as to have money to buy needed resources, create your network of cities and have enough to upgrade your power plant. The mechanics of the game give advantages to those coming last, however you don't want to be last when the game ends, so it's all about timing.

There are also expansion boards available so you can build power plants in other parts of the world.


byRio Grande Games
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Power Grid puts players in charge of rival power companies trying to supply power to the cities on the board. The game includes a double-sided board so you can choose to supply power to Germany or the United States.

Each round is divided into several phases. The first is an auction to acquire power plants. There are several types of power plants, from coal to nuclear and even clean energy. Then players must buy the needed fuel to run their plants.

Players will also need to build their network of cities on the board and finally power as many cities as the can in order to earn income for the next round.

As the game progresses more efficient power plants become available, but resources may become more expensive depending on how popular they are.

The winner is the person who can power the most cities, when the game ending condition has been met.

Power Grid is for 2 to 6 players ages 12 and up and plays in about 120 minutes

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