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bySteve Jackson Games
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If you loved Munchkin... look out. Here they come again. "I'm a Ninja with the Dragon Tooth Katana!" "I'm a Monk with the Sai of Spleen Mangling. Fear my Drunken Monkey Kung Fu!" "I'm a Yakuza with a gun. Run away!" The Munchkins are back! Now the game is chop-socky Hong Kong action. The characters are Samurai, Ninja, Yakuza, and Monks. The foes are mooks, demons, and assorted bad guys from all the worst martial arts films you've ever seen. Collect treasures and learn new styles to build up your character's powers. Kill the monsters, take their stuff, and be the first one to 10th level!

Customer Reviews

Stick to Base Munchkin unless you especially like Martial Arts Review by Tom
The standard Munchkin game play typically involves a slow progression to lvl 7 or 8 then a frantic scramble by all players to stuff the leader, with the 2nd or third player then swooping in for the victory. The game play is very luck driven, isn't particularly interesting, and the social element quickly follows a similar pattern. It also runs too long for what it is.

With that said, in the right circumstances and with the right people, Munchkin can provide some light entertainment. Serious gamers are not the target market - teenagers, non gamers, or drinking buddies may be.

As for Munchkin Fu versus other versions, I found the cards harder to read than in Pirate Munchkin or Base Munchkin.

Occasional epically furious action - much like a HK action movie. Usually this was where the monster drawn had really bad stuff happen as a result of losing, one player would help out and the others would pile in to try and balance the odds.

I recommend only buying this version if you are a martial arts fan. Otherwise I'd stick to regular Munchkin. (Posted on 1/06/2015)

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