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PrincessBride·Opoly is a brand new, classically–designed board game where you and your friends play as one of the beloved cast of ’The Princess Bride’!  

Starting at Chapter One, players venture through the timeless tale of ’The Princess Bride’ — sailing across the Shrieking Eel–infested waters, traversing the deadly Fire Swamp, and storming the mighty castle, all the while buying properties and building them up in order to collect valuable Florins from the other players.  Be careful though, because a bad role of the dice could leave you paying a heavy fee, dueling another player, or thrown into the Pit of Despair!  

Each copy of PrincessBride·Opoly contains only the highest quality components, including 5 playable character tokens, dozens of finely–sculpted Castle and Cottage pieces, Tru Wuv and Inconceivable! cards laced with memorable quotes from the movie, a highly–detailed board featuring your favorite scenes and locations, and much more!

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