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Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion expands the Machi Koro base game by adding thirteen new types of cards: ten new establishments, one new starting establishment, and two new landmarks. The expansion adds more complexity to the game, including seaports and airports that can be upgraded with additional boats (in the case of seaports) or facilities. Players also now need to complete six landmarks instead of four. Finally, with more establishments in the game, players choose only ten for use in any single game, mixing up what's available each time you bring it to the table.

Customer Reviews

Just buy it now! Review by LunaReview
If you love Machi Koro, but you find everything you play someone snags all the bakers then the cafes, this expansion is for you. With the addition of new cards you form a "market place" from random cards drawn from the deck. Once those cards are sold they are replaced with new random ones, so there no guareentee on how many of each establishment you'll be able to buy. This means players can depend on the strategy of buying all of one kind and then rolling in the dough when their number comes up. There's also some other great aspects to the game.

I love this expansion because it means that everytime we play its completely different.
You must have the original Machi Koro to play with this deck, and if you're only just buying Machi Koro, I'd say wait and get used to it first, the grab the expansion when it's starting to get repetitive. (Posted on 28/06/2015)

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