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Jack Attack is a trick-taking game with an augmented deck. The deck contains the standard 52 cards, plus 4 suited "1"s, 2 "Big" Jokers, and 2 "Little" Jokers.

The object is to avoid taking Jacks, although a player may collect all four for a "Grand Slam", similar to shooting the moon in Hearts.

The players are dealt a number of cards dependent on the number of players. The dealer determines trump/no trump, and makes the opening lead. Suit must be followed, with the exception of the Jokers, which may be played on any trick. Trick is won (in order of precedence) by the first "Big" Joker, highest trump, or highest card of the suit led. ("Little" Jokers cannot win tricks.)

Play continues until one person has taken 10 Jacks, or 10 hands have been played. Low score wins. ("Grand Slams" alter this somewhat.)

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