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This new game by Carl Chudyk is a journey through innovations from the stone age through modern times. Each player builds a civilization based on various technologies, ideas, and cultural advancements, all represented by cards. Each of these cards has a unique power which will allow further advancement, point scoring, or even attacking other civilizations. Be careful though, as other civilizations may be able to benefit from your ideas as well!

To win, you must score achievements, which you can attain by amassing points or by meeting certain criteria with the innovations you have built. Plan your civilization well, and outmaneuver your opponents, and with some luck you will achieve victory!

Customer Reviews

Civilization Building in 60 mins or less - one invention at a time Review by Tom
Building a civilization around the discovery of key inventions, with an aim to dominate particular eras of history.

Awesome game - hasn't disappointed me yet (24 plays in). Every play is more and more enjoyable and I discover different nuances to the cards.

2 player games are fast, with a strong momentum factor. 4 player games are slower and more complex.

Love it, glad I own it and doubt this will change any time soon. Plus it's a quick fire and uncomplicated civilization game without many bits and pieces. Plus it is super portable. Definitely one of the best value games I own.

The art on the 2nd (Iello) edition is gorgeous and it is incredibly well presented. My only (minor) gripe is that the reds and blues can be hard to distinguish for those who happen to be colour blind. (Posted on 29/05/15)

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