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byWizards of the Coast
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The French Revolution is famous in part for the use of the guillotine to put nobles to death, and this is the macabre subject of this light card game. As executioners pandering to the masses, the players are trying to behead the least popular nobles. Each day the nobles are lined up and players take turns killing the ones at the front of the line until all the nobles are gone. However, players are given cards which will manipulate the line order right before 'harvesting,' which is what makes the game interesting. After three days worth of chopping, the highest total carries the day.

Customer Reviews

Enjoyable, fast, light filler, lots of luck Review by Tom
This game involves varying the order of a line of cards which represent the nobles lined up to have their heads lopped off. Each turn the head of the noble at the front of the line ends up in your score pile. Some nobles score much more than others, and some will count against you.

A large amount of luck with the cards that are available. Quick to teach, although the rules could be clearer (eg regarding the number of action cards that can be played on a turn). (Posted on 1/06/2015)

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