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byEagle-Gryphon Games


Going once! Going twice! Sold to the highest bidder! In this perfectly-crafted bidding game, players are forced to make a multitude of difficult decisions every minute and that's just in the first phase of the game!

During phase one, players must decide how much of their spending capital to invest in available properties, knowing that their own actions in the second phase could turn those properties into extremely lucrative bargains or crushing losses.

Customer Reviews

Auctioning perfection Review by SamThe2Can
Such a simple premise, buy this is simply the best auctioning game you can buy, there is enough depth for the seasoned gamers to enjoy yet it's accessible enough for people who don't normally play.
One of the default go to games for filing in time in my group (Posted on 17/12/15)
Fun, light auction game combined with trick taking Review by Tom
Initially players start out with a pile of cash to spend bidding for different properties which are ranked 1 (the lowest of the houses - like a cardboard box) to 30 (the most impressive space station). Any money left over is kept to the end of the game and counts towards victory.

Once everyone has their starting hands of property cards, players then simultaneously each play one per turn to try and claim differing cheques which are up for grabs at the same time. A challenge to figure out whether to play high to get the valuable cheques, play low to burn the less useful properties on one's hand or play mid range and hope to clean up if everyone else has played low.

Great for playing with new players. What it does it does fantastically well. (Posted on 29/05/15)

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