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bySet Enterprises
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Five Crowns is rummy, with a twist. The set collection aspect of rummy is basically the same; with groups of 3 cards in either runs or denominations making a valid meld. The difference is that in each hand the number of cards increases, from 3 cards in the first hand to 13 in the last. The game, therefore, consists of 11 hands. In each of these hands, in addition to the 6 Jokers, there are other wild cards. These are determined by which hand it is. In the first hand 3s are wild in the second hand it's the 4s, and so on until in the last hand the Kings go wild. This is made easy to remember because the wild card is the same as the total number of cards you hold. (ie. in the first hand 3 cards, 3s are wild). A hand finishes when someone can meld all cards in their hand (after the discard) and, as the designers say, "the game isn't over 'til the Kings go wild!"

Customer Reviews

A real fun game for the whole family Review by marylou
Ever since my brother brought a set back some time ago from the USA we have been playing "Five Crowns" almost every week. It can be as serious as you want but for us it is a very social game. It's the one card game where no one takes offence when a conversation takes place. It's relaxing but still competitive. We love it and will soon have to get our third new set, ( from "games Capital" of course.) (Posted on 9/02/2016)
Great Family Game Review by Camstar
I was first introduced to this game 3 years ago.
This game has everything you want to love in a card game. The rules and play are easy to follow, it's great to play with your children and competitive enough to want to come back for more.
You do need to put aside at least 45 minutes to play through the 11 rounds but the time is well worth it.
My cards are almost warn out we play this game so much. (Posted on 19/12/2015)

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