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byRio Grande Games
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The players draw cards from a card supply in the middle of the table. During the game, the players try to specialize in a few colors, as at the end of the game, a player can score plus points for only 3 colors; the rest score minus points. The more cards a player has of a color, the more points he scores. The player with the most points wins.

Customer Reviews

A great and quick logic game Review by Michael Allen
Coloretto is a simple game that has a surprising amount of depth. There are a number of piles equal to the number of players, each pile can have up to 3 cards. The objective is to have lots of 3 colours and minimise the amount of other colours you have, as any additional colours past 3 count as negative points. Each turn, a player can decide to flip a card from the deck and place it on one of the piles, or they can remove a pile and add it to their collection of cards and remove themselves for the rest of the round. The round ends when all players have taken a pile. The game ends when the end game card is flipped, which is placed above the bottom 15 cards, but allows the current round to end. Scoring is done according to 2 score ladders, one basic, the other advanced that scores less points for going over 6 cards of a single colour.

The strategy here is forcing other players to take colours that you don't want but other players do, forcing them to compete with one another. There is plenty of strategy to determining the placement of the card you draw, as well as deciding when to take a pile. Jokers also make things interesting by being a magnet for immediate pickup, often to the abandonment of other, better options. Coloretto plays very quickly and serves as a good opener game for 2-3 times before moving onto other lengthier games. It benefits being in a small box that is good for travel, though some sticky tape wouldn't hurt, and is very easy to teach to new players.

-Easy to teach and learn
-Depth of strategy, despite simple gameplay
-A good opener game

-Lack of any solid "theme" (there's a chameleon, but I have no idea why).
-Box could be better quality. (Posted on 28/05/2015)

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