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  1. Asmodee Games
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  3. Crown and Andrews
  4. Days of Wonder
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  6. Gamewright
  7. Haba
  8. Hasbro
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  15. Pegasus Spiele
  16. Piatnik
  17. Playroom Entertainment
  18. Ravensburger
  19. Rio Grande Games
  20. Smart Games
  21. Steve Jackson Games
  22. ThinkFun
  23. University Games
  24. Ventura Games
  25. Winning Moves
  26. Z-Man Games
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Kids Board Games

Kids Board Games


Never hear the words: “I’m bored!” again!

Do you suffer from attacks of ‘I’m bored’ and ‘there’s nothing to do!’ from your children?

Keep kids busy and mentally active and educate them at the same time. Browse our range of board games for kids - the perfect solution for rainy weekends and school nights. Beats watching endless hours of mindless TV or surfing the Internet.

Best yet, with our range of educational board games; from word games to spatial strategy games, they won’t even feel like they are learning! You can even join in with your children helping them learn and grow.

Browse through our large variety of age-appropriate games. Your children will be entertained, challenged and never bored again.