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Welcome – First of I’d like to say welcome and thanks for finding my little space here on The Games Capital. If you are anything like me then I know you enjoy games…most likely a lot! It may be the social interaction that they create, perhaps the challenge of unlocking a game’s secrets or simply the chance they offer us to escape the real world for a small amount of time and pretend to be something else. Games are great because they allow us to: plan, negotiate, think, scheme, laugh and ultimately decide what we want to do.

The Path Thus Far – For those who may not know me well, I have been gaming since before I was 10. My mother was teaching me Blackjack at the age of 7 and I lived in the golden age of family board games…the 80s! I moved on to more thematic teenage titles like Space Hulk and Axis & Allies in the 90s and stumbled across the golden age of strategy or designer games at the turn of the century. After a short stint away from games in my early to mid-twenties, finding this new wave of games certainly felt like coming home.

Why Follow? – In the gaming scene I have written over 400 reviews for various sources, written executive reviews for my local paper and I organise one of the largest ‘social’ board gaming conventions in the country, BorderCon, which will attract over 200 gamers in 2015. I have a personal games collection of just over 500 games and I’ve logged more than 16,000 plays in the last 15 years or so. It’s fair to say I like games… and hopefully I have some interesting things to say.

The Aim – With this Blog though we are aiming to do something a little different. We don’t want to simply write gaming reviews. We want to open a dialogue, a discussion and that involves communication both ways. I’ll aim to get the conversation started with my thoughts on games that we cover and I’ll draw on my experience to give you the best insights I can to help you identify if they may be for you and your gaming group or not. But that’s really only the starting point, because we want to hear your thoughts too, your opinions on why you love something or perhaps why it didn’t work for you.

This blog will likely be many things to many people. For some it is likely to be a good source of information on game titles. For others it may be an interesting journey into what there is to like about games in general and why some elements appeal to us more than others.

Certainly at this stage of my gaming journey, I simply love to experience different designs and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, what appeals and what doesn’t. I’m hopeful that some like-minded souls out there will come along for the ride and share their gaming journeys as well.

Neil Thomson – The Games Guy

6 thoughts on “THE GAMES GUY

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  2. Hey Neil

    Looking forward to hearing about the good and the bad, games and experiences you’ve had.

    Stay cool



    1. Hey Akodo,

      Thanks for chiming in.

      What’s your favourite game at the moment?

      Neil ‘The Games Guy’ Thomson

    1. Hey Doug,

      Yeah I imagine quite a few of us in ‘gaming land’ have had a similar journey, especially if we grew up through the 80s and 90s.

      Looking forward to having you along for the journey. Favourite game at the moment for you?

      Neil ‘The Games Guy’ Thomson

  3. Neil!

    I am hoping this new gig works out for your excellent review skills.

    But if you keep saying “journey” I am out of here! 😉


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