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Spotlight: Worker Placement Games

Worker Placement Games:


  • Caverna: The Cave Farmers puts players in control of a family of dwarves as they attempt to eke out an existence in their mountain cave and the land beyond. Each member of the family will be assigned to various tasks during the game; chopping down trees to make way for farmland, digging tunnels to mine for ore and rubies, planting crops and raising livestock and much more. The player with the most diverse farm and dwelling will be the victor.


  • In Viticulture players are vineyard owners in the Tuscany region of Italy. Initially the vineyard is only small, so you will need to build bigger cellars and plant new vines. To begin your vineyard only has three workers to carry out these tasks, but as the seasons pass and the vineyard grows more will be required, and the more workers the more can be accomplished. Strive to create the most successful vineyard in Italy.


  • Caylus was not the first worker placement game, but many feel it was the game that popularised the mechanic. Here players are master builders engaged to build a castle for King Philip the Fair. Workers will be assigned to buildings in the ever growing village in order to collect resources to help construct the castle. You will also be striving to gain the King’s favour in which case timing is everything. An absolute classic.


  • Travel back to prehistoric times in Stone Age, a worker placement game that also uses dice. The player’s ‘workers’ are the members of their tribe and they will be sent to hunt for food, collect resources, build tools and construct huts. Bonus points awarded at the end of the game for your achievements in four key areas can make a huge difference to your final score. This game has beautiful artwork and impressive wooden components.


  • In Francis Drake the players are ship captains undergoing 3 voyages to the Spanish Main in search of fame and fortune. Each journey is divided into two phases. The first phase, the preparation for the journey is where the worker placement takes place. Here you will be hiring crew, gathering supplies, equipping your ship and enlisting the aid of some influential individuals. The second phase involves the actual journey where you will endeavour to beat the other players to trade goods, treasure and fame.