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Spotlight: Vlaada Chvatil

Vlaada Chvatil:

In 2006 Vlaada burst onto the board game scene with Through the Ages: A story of Civilization. It wasn’t his first design, but it did put him on the map. Since then he has consistently delivered quality games, with a variety of different themes and mechanics. Here are some of his best:

Through the Ages: New Story of Civilization is one of the greatest civilization building games of all time. The game is card driven, with cards representing leaders, technologies, wonders and other advancements. Played over three ages, the civilization with the most culture when the games ends is the winner.

Dungeon Petz is a sequel of sorts to Dungeon Lords. In this worker placement game you will be using your family of imps to raise and sell pets to the evil lords of the dungeon. You’ll need to feed them, clean up after them, make sure their cages are in good repair and even show them off at nearby pet shows. Hilariously evil fun.

Galaxy Trucker is a tile placement game played over three rounds. Each round consists of two phases, the first of which involves players building their spacecraft. This phase is played in real time. Each player must grab the components for their ship before the other players do, and hope their ship will be able to withstand the flight in phase two, where points can be earned by safely delivering goods. Awesome and chaotic at the same time.

Space Alert is another real time sci fi game. This time players are cooperating to survive a mission in deep space. The game come with a CD soundtrack that also doubles as the timer for the game.  The real time element creates a frantic game as players try to work together to protect their ship. A unique experience awaits.

Codenames is the best selling party game where two rival spy networks try to identify their secret agents by receiving clues about their codenames, all the while trying to avoid the deadly assassin. Currently available also in a cooperative version and an adults only version, with more on the way.