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Spotlight: My First…

Are you looking for some great games with which to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of tabletop gaming? After all, Snakes and Ladders, while still extremely popular, is not exactly brimming with strategic decision making.

Here are some junior versions of games that have become modern classics:

My First Stone Age.
The original Stone Age is among other things, an impressive resource management game and My first Stone Age takes this element and adds a memory aspect. The aim is to collect enough resources to claim three huts to win the game. To get the right resources before the other players you’ll need to remember where they are located, or alternatively you might be able to get what you need from the trading post.

My First Carcassonne
The tile laying phenomenon that is Carcassonne is distilled to it’s simplest form here in My First Carcassonne. Each turn players will draw a tile and place it into the ever growing village. The tiles all depict roads and buildings from the town of Carcassonne, and importantly children of the different player colours. As soon as a road is completed the players place their meeples on the matching children on the road. The first player to place all their meeples wins.

My First Bananagrams
The original Bananagrams is effectively speed scrabble. If you like word games but don’t like waiting for your turn in Scrabble, then Bananagrams is the game for you. My First Bananagrams simplifies this again with 80 lower case letter tiles and 13 dual letter tiles. There are numerous mini games included in the rules, that will get the kids learning to spell in no time

My First Castle Panic
Castle Panic is a great cooperative game. My first Castle Panic is a simpler version, where players must work together to defend their castle from terrible monsters. Capture all the monsters before the castle is destroyed  and the players win. A great game for teaching kids about working together.