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Spotlight: Legacy Games

Imagine a board game that evolves with each play. Decisions you make in today’s game will affect future games, and the changes to the game are permanent. Each groups experience with the game will be slightly different, and the mystery of what will happen next makes the games very compelling. Below is a list of some of the best Legacy style games so far: (NO SPOILERS)


  • Seafall is a swashbuckling adventure set on the high seas. At it’s heart the game is an exploration game as players embark on voyages to discover new islands to trade with. As you would expect with a game with this type of theme there are raiding parties and ship to ship combat to deal with. An immersive story that is revealed progressively and as with all legacy games each experience will be different. Grab a half price copy here while stocks last.


  • Pandemic: Legacy – Season One: The creators of Pandemic: Legacy have taken the extremely successful cooperative game Pandemic and given it an episodic story feel played over between 12 and 24 sessions, representing 12 months of the year. Initially the game play is identical to the original Pandemic, but as the months progress many new story elements occur driving the game in a different direction. Probably the best legacy game to date. Available in Red or Blue versions.


  • Pandemic: Legacy – Season Two: The story created in Season One continues here several decades later in a now dystopian future. At the time of writing this the game was still unreleased and so the mystery remains, but regardless the story progresses. Available in Black or Yellow versions.


  • Gloomhaven is a fantasy themed tactical fighting miniatures game. As with all legacy games the game world changes as the game progresses based on the actions and decisions of the players. The feel of this game is perhaps like a ‘Choose your own Adventure’ story on steroids. Beautiful artwork and quality components add to the experience.


  • Charterstone takes players to the Kingdom of Greengully with the aim of building a new village. The game is a competitive worker placement game and as new buildings are added to the village they become new actions spaces that can be used in all subsequent games. The initial campaign is designed to play over 12 games, but once these have been completed the game remains playable as a unique worker placement game.