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Spotlight: Dungeons & Dragons

Ahead of you is a dimly lit passage filled with cobwebs. In the distance can be heard the sound of a hammer beating relentlessly on an anvil. The smell of rotting flesh is strong in the air. There is a old wooden door to the right, it’s rusty hinges look like they could fall off at any moment. It sounds like there might be someone or something moving around in the room. What do you do?

This is the kind of predicament you might find yourself in while playing the most well known Role Playing Game of them all: Dungeons & Dragons.

For over 40 years D&D has been sending an endless stream of adventures on quests to find glorious treasure and defeat hideous monsters. But if you are a newcomer to the world of role playing games, what exactly do you need to begin your journey into the world of Dungeons and Dragons?

Here are some essentials:

Crucial to any game of D&D is the role of the Dungeon Master. It’s the DM’s job to guide the players through the adventure, while also challenging them with puzzles to solve and enemies to fight. The DM Guide contains valuable tools to help with world building and adventure creation. – Click Here

In order to play D&D each player will need a character to inhabit. The Player’s Handbook has all the rules and information needed to create a realistic, fully fleshed out character. Included are details on the magic spells you may be able to use, and equipment you may come across in your travels and much, much more. – Click Here

You can guarantee that whatever adventure you may find yourself in, there will be monsters – big, small, hairy, scaly, and everything in-between. The Monster Manual will give you all the information needed to prepare to face whatever the Dungeon Master throws at you. And if you’re a DM then this invaluable tool will help you fill your adventure with monsters of all shapes and sizes. – Click Here

Many things that happen in a game of D&D will depend on the roll of a die. A set of D&D dice includes one each of the following: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 & D20. The D20 is the one you’ll use the most to measure the success of your actions. The others might be used for fighting, casting spells and healing. Each player will need their own set of dice. – Click Here

While Dungeons & Dragons is predominantly a story telling game, the use of miniature figures to represent characters and monsters has become a huge part of the fun. There are pre painted options as well as unpainted miniatures, which leads to another aspect of the hobby – painting. For those keen to develop their creative side, the possibilities are endless. – Click Here

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