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Spotlight: Card Games

Card Games:

Phase 10 is an incredibly popular rummy style game. Players compete to be the first to complete all ten phases of the game. Each phase requires players to collect a specific combination of cards. This generally involves sets of matching cards or a run of cards in sequence.

Hanabi is a rare card game where players must work together to win against the game. What is unique about this game is that players hold their cards so that only the other players can see them. On each turn a player may either give a clue to  another player about the cards they hold, or play a card from their hand. Cards must be played in the correct order, so the given clues are crucial.

Guillotine is an irreverent card game set during the French revolution. The players are rival executioners, collecting the heads of the French aristocracy. A line of noble cards is placed in front of the cardboard guillotine and each turn players may play one action card to try and rearrange the line, then they must take the next noble in line. Each noble is worth a different amount of points. The player with the best collection of heads after three rounds is the winner.

Five Crowns is another rummy style game using regular cards, with the addition of a fifth suit. The game is played over 11 rounds and each round the hand of the players increases by 1 card. Additionally every round a different card is considered wild and can be used in place of any card. For example in round 1, threes are wild, in round 2, fours and so on.

Honshu is a trick taking game with a difference. The cards are used to build a map with various landscape features earning points in different ways. Each hand the player who has played the highest card chooses first which card to add to the map of his estate. Each new card must overlap at least one square on an existing card. The player with the best estate is the winner.