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ESSEN 2015


The biggest game fair in the world is once again approaching.




Referred to in the industry simply as ‘Spiel’ (which is the german word for ‘game’), the Essen game fair takes place from October 8-11, 2015. As usual The Games Capital will be heading over to bring back the latest and greatest of this years new crop of board games.

This year however, instead of Glenn our store manager making the trip on his own, he will be joined by Phil, the company director and Sacha, our website content manager (and avid gamer). Together they hope to be able to select the best and most popular games from this years selection.

This is a somewhat daunting task as literally hundreds of new games are released each year at Essen.

So here is your chance to have your say. Is there something that’s on your radar? Have you read good things about certain games that will be released this year?

Please let us know in the comments below what games you would like us to look at this year and we’ll do our best to follow up.

Or drop us a line via our online enquiry form.

5 thoughts on “ESSEN 2015

  1. My most wanted is the new Uwe (A Feast for Odin) if it appears in English.

    Also, The Grizzled; Snowdonia Daffodil and Trans-Australian Expansion; La Granja promos; And Imperial Settlers Atlanteans Expansion. 😀

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