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With hundreds of board games released every year, it can be a challenge to decide which games deserve your attention.

Being aware of the awards that are given out and the criteria for each one can help you decide if a game is for you or not. Here is a brief description of a number of outstanding board game awards that you should be aware of.

Boardgames Australia | Mensa Select | International Gamers Award | Spiel des Jahres | Deutscher Spieile Preis | Boardgamegeek Golden Geek


Boardgames Australia was founded in 2007 to encourage the growth and raise the profile of boardgames in Australia.

Boardgames Australia presents three awards each year, announced at the Toy and Game Expo. The awards are Best International Game, Best Australian Game and Best Children's Game.

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Recent Winners:

Best International Game:

2013 - Guildhall

2011/12 - Cargo Noir

2010 - Dice Town

2009 - Pandemic

2008 - 10 Days in Asia

Best Australian Game:

2013 - Dungeon Raiders

2011/12 - Dweebies

2010 - Make 'n' Break Compact

2009 - Sorts for Kids

2008 - Archaeology: The Card Game

Best Children's Game:

2013 - Catan Junior

2011/12 - Nelly

2010 - The Kids of Carcassonne

2009 - Viva Topo!

2008 - Quoridor Kid


Each year five board games are given the Mensa Select Award, these games are chosen because they are "original, challenging and well designed". This award has been presented since 1990, and some of the more well known recipients include Trivial Pursuit and Taboo.

Recent Winners:

2012 - Tetris Link

2011 - Pirate vs Pirate

2010 - Forbidden Island

2009 - Dominion

2008 - Tiki Topple


Recognition for outstanding games and designers is the aim of the International Gamers Award.

Committee members for all over the world come together to select the 'best of the best' with the hope that these games will come to the attention of the general public. Awards are given to Outstanding Multi-player game and Outstanding 2-player game.

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Recent Winners:

Best Multiplayer Strategy Game

2012 - Trajan

2011 - 7 Wonders

2010 - Age of Industry

2009 - Le Havre

2008 - Agricola

Best 2-player Strategy Game

2012 - Agricola: All creatures Big and Small

2011 - A few acres of snow

2010 - Campaign Manager 2008

2009 - Day & Night

2008 - 1960: The making of the president



The Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) is perhaps the most prestigious of awards given to board games. The games that are nominated to receive this award are generally family style games. In the past more complex games have occasionally been awarded a special prize, but in 2011 the Kennerspiel des Jahres was introduced to recognise these more complex games annually.

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Recent Winners:

Spiel des Jahres

2013 - Hanabi

2012 - Kingdom Builder

2011 - Qwirkle

2010 - Dixit

2009 - Dominion

2008 - Keltis (Lost Cities the Board Game)

Kennerspiel des Jahres

2013 - Legends of Andor

2012 - Village

2011 - 7 Wonders


In contrast to the Spiel des Jahre, the Deutscher Spiele Preis is awarded to more complex 'Gamers' games with particularly good or innovative gameplay. The winner is announced each year in October at the Spiel game fair in Essen, Germany.

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Recent Winners:

2012 - Village

2011 - 7 Wonders

2010 - Fresco

2009 - Dominion

2008 - Agricola


The Golden Geek is actually a series of awards which are voted on by users of There are several categories where awards are given, including best family game, best party game, best art & presentation, etc. As well as the all important 'Game of the Year'.

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Recent Winners:

Golden Geek Game of the Year

2012 - Eclipse

2011 - Dominant Species

2010 - Hansa Teutonica

2009 - Dominion

2008 - Agricola