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It is the roaring 20's, and while there's electricity in the air, unnatural storms are brewing as well. Strange things are happening in the small Massachusetts town of Arkham; people have gone missing, sightings of indescribable creatures grow more and more frequent. And the very air thickens with a sense of foreboding that roils like an acrid mist through the streets.

The Ancient Ones are stirring...
Arkham Horrorwas originally published by Chaosium, Inc., in 1987. This new, updated edition features stunning new artwork and graphical design (including a new gameboard, counters, cards, and playing pieces) as well as revised and expanded rules from the game's original creator, Richard Launius.

Players can select from 16 unique playable investigator characters, each with unique abilities, and will square off against the diabolical servants of 8 Ancient Ones, including Ithaqua, Hastur, and the terrible Cthulhu!No fan of the Cthulhu Mythos will want to miss the opportunity to acquire this classic Call of Cthulhu board game!

Also Available: Black Goat of the Woods, Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, Dunwich Horror, The King in Yellow, Lurker at the Threshold

Customer Reviews

Great theme and an epic game but clunky and a bit unconvincing Review by Tom
This game is beautifully atmospheric and drips with Cthulu theme as the investigators cooperate to try to close and seal gates and slay (and avoid) monsters. Meaty, like a good hearty stew - if only the game didn't take so long (budget on 4 hours + per game).

If playing solo, I'd rather use the Vassal boardgaming module then bother unloading all the pieces. In fact, I highly recommend that anyone considering this game first either play in person, or test it via the Vassal app (both PC and Mac compatible)

As with most games with a reasonable level of complexity, plays better with more experienced players – who can help share the rules load.

While Cthulu is a great thematic universe, here the implementation it isn't tied well enough to the mechanics for my liking. There seems to be a lot of errand running. And honestly, I doubt that a bunch of investigators could serious take on an old one.

I get that this is an adventure game of story telling, but I'd much rather have a more open ended story arrangement such as Tales of the Arabian Nights, or something more focused like the Relic implementation of Talisman. Or a Cthulu game with a much more personal encounter with terror (as the Cthulu books I've read have conveyed). (Posted on 1/06/15)

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