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We recommend this because: Alhambra uses a clever combination of tile placement and set collecting to come up with a very intriguing game. Fortunes can change quickly if you haven't saved the right money at the right time. Great family fun.


byQueen Games
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In Alhambra players take on the role of master builders in 13th century Spain. Construction of the famed Alhambra is about to begin. At the start of the game each player has a fountain as the centerpiece of his or her construction. From there players must purchase and construct various buildings to make theirs the most wondrous and famed Alhambra.

Each turn there will be four different buildings available to purchase. Additionally there are four different types of currency and each building must be purchased with the right kind. Prices vary according to how easy the tile will be to place as some have walls that restrict where they may be built.

There are three scoring rounds, and the player who has the most of each type of building is rewarded. Also at the final scoring additional points are given for each players longest section of wall.

Alhambra is for 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up and plays in about 60 minutes

Customer Reviews

Great fun for all Review by Elomicus
Good game of tile collection and placement, trying to create your own Alhambra. There are different colors corresponding with different types of rooms, and at the end of each round players are scored by how many of each room they have attached to their home tile. Tiles have certain walls that make placing them as much about strategy as collecting them. (Posted on 28/05/2015)

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