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In ancient and long forgotten times heroes were lured to Eastern lands by tales of bountiful treasure and powerful magic. The treasure was found, not lying about, but in dangerous caves guarded by fierce dragons. Those strong enough to gather the dragon’s treasures had to compete among themselves for privileges that would smooth the way to the Caliph’s palace. On reaching the palace, the heroes found their way blocked by powerful guards. Here they could pass the guards only with the right influence or, failing that, generous bribes. Within the palace walls, the heroes bartered their hard won treasures for magical artifacts in a contest to see who could acquire the most artifacts and gain the praise of the Caliph.

The Aladdin’s Dragons Card Game (Morgenland Kartenspiel) is based on the award winning board game of the same name published by Rio Grande and Hans im Glück. The game consists of a double pack of cards and is played over a number of rounds, usually four or five in total. Each round has three phases. In phase one, new artifact and treasure cards are laid out. In phase two, players play their hero cards into the various locations. In phase three, the locations are resolved.

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