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7 Wonders is a quick game that still offers great depth of play. There is very little difference in game time between 3 and 7 players because of the virtually simultaneous play. A great game with much variety.


byAsmodee Games
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In 7 Wonders each player is given the task of guiding a civilization through three epochs. Players must choose whether to focus on military strength, pursuing scientific achievements, trade or a number of other possibilities. As well as this they will have to decide when and if they will attempt to construct one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

The gameplay is very simple: from your hand of seven cards you must choose one to play, the remainder are passed to your neighbor. Then you choose another card from the six that you have received, and so on until all the cards have been played. Here you must be careful not to just focus on the cards you want, remembering that you may be passing cards to your opponents that will help them.

At it's heart 7 Wonders is a set collecting game, but with some clever mechanics that make each game vary considerably. For example each civilization has it's own unique special ability that may determine the strategy or course you employ.

7 Wonders is for 3 to 7 players ages 10 and up and plays in about 30 minutes

Customer Reviews

One of my favs Review by G
A great game for casual gamers and more experienced players alike.

This is my go to game when we have 5 or more players. Where it really shines is even with 7 players the play time doesn't increase.

Even better with the expansions.

(Posted on 22/10/2015)
7 wonders for two? Review by Gobo
I am always on the lookout for good two-player games, given I generally play with my wife of an evening, so I was very surprised to to discover this popular game has a two player option.
This game is often recommended for 3-5 players, but I found surprising strength and longevity in the two-player variation. It works by creating a third 'dummy' player that the other two take turns in controlling, both to advantage themselves and disadvantage their opponent. Impressive and fun stuff
(Posted on 12/09/2015)
Wonderful Review by Tom
Civilisation building by way of card drafting from communal hands of cards, and ancient wonder construction.

When I initially played this game I was new to the hobby and wasn't so sure about it. There is some initial iconography to get used to, and some scoring quirks to understand.

Further plays and experience in the hobby really changed my mind. This game scales incredibly well, plays quickly, and has a range of different strategies available. Once learned, the rules are pretty straightforward and I would see this as suitable for family play.

There is interaction with one's neighbours via military (rather than declaring an attack, this is automatically resolved at the end of each era based on relative military strength) and all others by what cards you leave in each hand as it makes its way around the table.

Great looking artwork, although the cards aren't particularly sturdy so I recommend sleeving them.

One's ability to win at this game will really depend on how alert one's opponents are and who they are paying attention to.

Can be a bit chaotic with more than 4 players, particularly if someone gets out of order with the simultaneous action cycle. There is an official 2 player variant which comes with the game (even though it is listed as being for 3-7 players).

Not the deepest game going around, but it doesn't try to be. What it does in the time it takes, it does really well - a really great game. After many plays, I am still keen to keep playing, although after a dozen plays I was keen to start adding expansions.. (Posted on 31/05/2015)

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