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WHAT IF?™ puzzles are a new, original comedy puzzle concept. Following extensive consumer research, we're delighted to launch this new range, designed for those who enjoy comedy puzzles with a challenging twist. WHAT IF?™ is based on the idea that things don't always turn out the way we think or hope they will. It challenges consumers to imagine what might happen if events, as shown on the box, change.

Andy Mann has some inspirational ideas for his home makeover. He and his wife Candy have read the magazines, watched the TV programmes and are now ready to create their very own ideal home. But WHAT IF Andy Mann wasn't much of a handy man? And WHAT IF the whole family hit a few snags along the way? The picture on the box shows what Andy would like to happen. The puzzle inside the box shows what REALLY did happen. So get your thinking cap on and piece together this puzzle so you can see what happened to Andy, Candy, Randy and Mandy ....

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