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Announcing the Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Release at The Games Capital!

The golden city of Orazca has been found, and now the rival factions of Ixalan battle for control of the legendary artifact; The Immortal Sun. Will you plunder the city alongside the Brazen Coalition, or reclaim it for the Sun Empire? Should the Immortal Sun be returned to the Legion of Dusk, or is it best kept guarded by the River Heralds? Pre-release weekend is your chance to decide.

Entry to each of our Pre-Release events will be $40 and each player who enters will receive one Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Release pack which includes four Rivals of Ixalan, two Ixalan boosters, and one promotional card with which to build a 40-card deck, as well as a spin down life counter.


Pictures from the Ixalan Pre Release


Event Schedule

This time we are requiring players to enter their DCI number when registering.

Please have your number handy.


Friday 12th / Saturday 13th January: Midnight – Sealed
Saturday 13th January: 11am – Sealed
Saturday 13th January : 4pm – 2 Headed Giant Sealed
Sunday 14th January: 11am – Sealed
Sunday 14th January: 4pm – Sealed

All events will be four rounds long. Players will receive the following product based on their final standings:

4 - 0 = 18 Boosters (1 Bundle prize + 2 attendance boosters + 6 Pre-Release pack boosters)
3 -X = 10 Boosters (2 boosters prize + 2 attendance boosters + 6 Pre-Release pack boosters)
2 - X = 9 Boosters (1 booster prize + 2 attendance boosters + 6 Pre-Release pack boosters)
1 - X = 8 Boosters (2 attendance boosters + 6 Pre-Release pack boosters)
0 - X = 8 Boosters (2 attendance boosters + 6 Pre-Release pack boosters)

As well as our prizes based on results, we will be offering a Booster Box of Rivals of Ixalan as a lucky door prize at our midnight event, and a Rivals of Ixalan Bundle as a lucky door prize at each of our other events.


New Players

Pre-Release events are the best way for new or casual players to meet the greater Magic community and experience the fun and excitement of organised Magic play.

Please be aware that you require a Wizard’s DCI number to play in all Magic the Gathering events at the Games Capital. You can sign up for one here:
You will need to do this before showing up to our event on the day. If you are under the age of thirteen the sign-up process requires a parental permission form to be signed and sent to Wizards via email which takes a while to approve, so please ensure you begin the sign-up process well before the day of the event.

If you have any questions regarding our events please don’t hesitate to contact us at or on 6248 7722.

*Due to the new Pre-Release structure from Wizards; Bundles, Booster Boxes and some of the additional prize support boosters may not be able to be awarded to player’s until the Rivals of Ixalan Release Day on Friday 19th January.

**Rivals of Ixalan Bundle = 10 Booster Packs with spindown life counter, and pack of basic lands. The replacement product for the old Fat Pack.

Magic: the Gathering Rivals of Ixalan goes on sale Friday 19th January.

Pre Order products here:

Booster Box
Booster Pack
Vraska Planeswalker Deck
Angrath Planeswalker Deck