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Dominion is a game that is immensely replayable. By randomly selecting the action cards that are used in each game you will never play the same game twice, which means you have to adapt your strategy each time you play. Fantastic game!


byRio Grande Games

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Dominion has been a gaming phenomenon since it's release. Winner of the 2009 Spiel des Jahres, this game has spawned numerous expansions and has been one of the most popular games of the modern era.

At its heart Dominion is a deck building game. Each player begins with 10 cards in their deck and during the course of the game will try and build that deck with the aim of acquiring the most victory point cards.

There are coin cards that are used to purchase more cards to add to your deck, action cards that allow you to break the basic rules of the game and victory cards which will determine the winner.

Dominion is for 2-4 players ages 8 and up and plays in about 30 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Addictive deck builder Review by Benjamin
As simple as ABC (and D). Great game with longevity. Believe the hype with this one, a great simple game. (Posted on 1/06/15)
Invents and dominates a genre at the same time! Review by Paul L
Dominion is probably the worst offender when it comes to accusations of having a pasted on theme. Look past that, however, and you'll see a finely tuned machine. The elegance of the design cannot be denied - when a rules explanation can be boiled down to 'Remember - ABCD, and winning makes your deck worse', you know you're on to a winner. There are other similar 'pure' deckbuilders, but most of the others usually tweak the formula and lose some of that perfect balance along the way. An essential game. (Posted on 29/05/15)
My Dominion Opinion Review by Gobo
I love this game - as my first deck builder it is bound to hold a special place in my collection, yet it is also the game I return to again and again as my deck-builder of choice.
Some complain about the dry theme, but to be honest I feel you get what you bring to the table. Want more theme? Tell a story with your cards, rather than expecting the game to do all the work!
My family just love the tense race of building the optional engine of money and actions with the randomly-selected cards of that particular game, trying to find a strategy that generates enough income to start buying those provinces and being one step closer to ending the game, hopefully with enough points to win.
Great stuff. (Posted on 28/05/15)

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Winner of the BGG Golden Geek, Deutscher Spiele Preis, Mensa Select, Spiel des JahresDeutscher Spiele Preis, BGG Golden Geek, Mensa Select, Spiel des Jahres