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byFantasy Flight Games

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A medieval city destined for greatness, immense power and importance beckons you. There is only one problem: it isn't built yet. This vacuum presents the perfect opportunity for you. You must wisely spend your gold, bluff, intimidate and outmaneuver your rivals as you seek to build and control this new city.

Citadels is a game of nobles, intrigue, and cities for 2-7 players, playable in 20-60 minutes. The current printing of Citadels includes the Dark City expansion detailed elsewhere - look for the purple logo on your box lid if you're not sure if your copy includes the Dark City.

Customer Reviews

Try Mascarade (by the same designer) instead Review by Tom
Deduction and city building. Every round each player will select a role from those left available, which give special powers to activate in addition to collecting income and building their city.

Can be a bit nasty for new players as those with experience have a clear advantage. A good game in the right circumstances.

Biggest complaint is that it tends to outstay its welcome. Towards the endgame, it can become a bit of a grind where there is a clear leader. While it is initially fun to try and catch what they are doing and counter it, once their winning position becomes obvious I find the game can drag.

I also dislike the downtime during the role selection phase - easy to get drawn into analysis paralysis as it is difficult to plan one's move in advance. I think the designer resolved this issue in his later game Mascarade, which shares common elements with this game but is much more streamlined. (Posted on 31/05/15)

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